Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Everybody into the Pond!" 2nd Annual Duck Rescue

Last fall, we had to rescue 3 Pekin ducks [the large white ducks] from the pond down the block. Someone had dumped them and because this breed can't fly, they would have been left behind when the mallards flew off. They never would have made it through the winter.
It was a fun two-day rescue, with people having to jump into the pond and then rustle up the ducks when they waddled into the nearby prarie plantings. We were so happy when a wonderful couple from Indiana adopted all three ducks as pets.

Fast forward to a week ago, when we get a phone call from someone at Indian Boundary Park: someone has dumped another white duck and can we rescue it?

That's when we started planning what is turning out to be our annual duck rescue. But before we could spring into action [and the pond], Mike and Tim--assistant manager and animal steward from the shelter--walked over to the pond and --OK, after a little splashing around in the water--brought back Frederick the duck. Another day's work, another duck saved.

And we're happy to report that the Indiana couple are coming the first week of November to pick up Frederick! Until he's swimming around in a small plastic "pond" in the shelter's office.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Pelican Brief

After being with Red Door for over six years, Kristin thought she had heard everything. But the phone call tonight was a new one: someone said he had spotted a sick pelican around the Pratt Avenue pier. Could we tell him how to help?

Uh, no. But we could give him the number of Flintcreek Wildlife Rehabilation, who came to Pratt and the lake and rescued the pelican. Yes, it's a wild pelican--Flintcreek says that pelicans around Chicago aren't that unusual--and it is injured.

We're hoping for the best and know that the pelican is in good hands. To follow its progress, check out

Spa Day Success

Red Door's last Spa-Di-Da Day, on Saturday October 21, was a huge success! Many Red Door alumni returned for nail trimming, grooming and glamour portraits. We were thrilled to see Eloise, Lexi, Penn, Fern, Casey and Nadia, Courtney, Rex, Nolan, Charisma, Benji and Charlie, and Rafe again. And we made some new friends, like these two bunnies who waited their turns by strolling around on their harnesses. The salad eating contest was a big hit, too--although some eaters turned shy while others ate the parsley in record time.

Don't miss the fun--next Spa Day is January 20.

Friday, October 13, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday?

The Red Door cats were very happy to meet Mary Anne Clark and her friends, who came all the way from Hinsdale to the shelter. The reason was Mary Anne's birthday. She and her friends brought decorated paper bags filled with animal goodies: cat food, toys, rabbit hay, treats.

Thanks, Mary Anne--what a wonderful way to celebrate.

Oscar & Felix--Odd Couple Lucky Again

Several years Oscar and Felix, two orange tabby cats, came to Red Door. They were skinny and shy and they needed a new home. And then they found one together--until a few weeks ago, when their person was transferred to a new job in China

These two cats came back to Red Door --no longer skinny and not really shy, but definitely wondering where they would be going next. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait very long at all! In less than 2 weeks, Oscar and Felix were adopted into a new loving home.

Here's a snap of them relaxing at home and saying, "That was easy! Guess it's `cause we're so cute."