Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jingle Pups Charm Andersonville

Red Door's Jingle Pups braved the cold last Saturday to bring some heart-warming and heart-wagging good cheer to Andersonville. Our hardworking volunteers and their adorable adopted dogs raised hundreds of dollars from the generous shoppers out on Clark Street!!!

A big part of that success was due to the undeniable charms of Spike, Mabel, Gulliver and Benji; they all wagged their tales throughout the afternoon. A very big 'Thank You' goes out to Elise Murphy, Kristen Clifford, Tamara Friedman, Steve Williams, and Julie Dorion for braving the chilly weather and helping to make the event a success!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Stockings Were Hung by the Shelter Doorway with Care..."

We know the Red Door rabbits are ready for the holidays. Just look at all the stockings--each one individualized with a rabbit's name--hanging by the inside doorway of the shelter!

A huge holiday thank you to the Borkovec family, particularly Mia and Lucia, for their efforts to help make the holiday merry and bright for all the Red Door animals. Besides making these adorable stockings and stuffing each of them with a dollar, the Borkovecs have gotten friends and family to support our events (including baking dozens of delicious cookies for the recent Bazaar). And they've adopted two outstanding Red Door rabbits: Laramie and Ana Maria. Now they're going to foster the beautiful big white bunny Bella Swan.

We know visions of papaya tablets and big leafy green lettuce leaves are dancing through the rabbits' heads right now! Thank you, Mia and Lucia, and all the Borkovecs! You've made this holiday very special for all the animals.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Stan Lee Goes on Vacation

Stan Lee (right) has been at the shelter for quite awhile. Not everyone likes red-eyed white rabbits. And Stan just wants to be understood.

So we were thrilled when a volunteer offered to give Stan a little vacation. From this photo she sent today, it appears that her rabbit Ava (left), the blue-eyed bunny rescued from the massive rabbit confiscation at South Suburban Humane Society several years ago, is a little interested.

We can't help but smile at Ava's intense, blue-eyed checkout of Stan.

Interested in giving another Red Door animal a little vacation? Please email us at info@reddoorshelter.org

Friday, December 04, 2009

Home for the Holidays - A Coop for Tuketu

We told you about Tuketu, the young chicken who was running around an apartment courtyard in Chicago. Now we're happy to share these photos of Tuketu in her new home -- where she is living with four other hens as a hip urban chicken-companion animal.

First, here is Tuketu checking out her new coop.

Then, Tuketu settles in with the gals for some quality roosting.

And finally, Tuketu and her new friend Lydia do a little hunting and pecking.

Thanks again to Liz at Nutzy Mutz in Madison, WI for all her help. And thanks to Tuketu's new family for getting Tuketu to a new coop for the holidays.