Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Looking for a splashing great time for your canine?  Look no further than this weekend's Dog Wash!

This annual event, sponsored by our great friends at Central Bark Avondale, is a great way to get your dog sparkling clean and to help out the animals at Red Door.  Our enthusiastic volunteer washers will scrub your pup nice and clean for a donation of $20 per dog.  Nail trimming will also be available for a $10 donation.
(Dogs will be washed outdoors and towel-dried)

Date: Sunday, July 15th
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm
Central Bark Doggy Day Care
3358 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, Il

I'd better get a treat for this...
Beat the heat, and come out smelling sweet!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Another Hoppy Ending - Panda/Lola

Panda - November 2008
Little Panda was born at Red Door, and adopted by a pre-teen girl and her family.  We thought she was in a happy forever home, but poor Panda had a long way to go before finding her Hoppy Ending.

Red Door was contacted by the girl, who wanted to bring Panda back because she was "going away to college".  A little checking on Facebook revealed the truth - that the girl wanted a kitten and needed to "get rid of" Panda!

Still, a Red Door rabbit is a Red Door rabbit for life, so we offered to take her back.  We received an e-mail from the girl saying that her little brother was going to take over Panda's care. 

Over the next several months, our volunteers received several emails from the brother claiming that Panda was "aggressive" and looking for advice as to how to "tame her".  They pleaded with the boy to just bring her back, but received no response.  Apparently he went off to summer camp, and Panda sat alone in a cage for months, un-socialized and lonely, receiving food and water but starved for companionship.
Panda - February 2012

When the family was finally convinced to relinquish her, she was skittish, unhealthy, and very unhappy. She found the shelter environment very stressful, and was absolutely miserable.  Luckily, we have many angels at Red Door, and one of them is Patti.  She took Panda home with her and gave her loving care, rooms to stretch her legs,  and a quiet space to heal.  After several months, Panda was coming out of her shell and ready for another chance at a forever home.

Jessica had grown up with a Hotot, and loves pets with "lots of personality".  (Some would say "attitude"). When she and her husband decided to adopt a rabbit, fond memories of her childhood companion drew her to Panda.  Now renamed Lola, she shares her home with two feline siblings.  Pixie is the younger cat, nearly the same age as Lola, and the two have become best friends.  Marley, the older cat, seems content to observe and merely seems grateful that Pixie has somebunny to pester instead of him!

Lola and Pixie - Best Friends
 Pixie has taught Lola how to go down the stairs, and she has made the largely-empty basement into her own private bunny-gymnasium where she can run, jump, and lounge in cool comfort.  She has taken over one of the many cat-trees as her daytime napping place, and "redecorated" the doorway for easier and more convenient access.  And woe betide anyone who dares to set a glass down on "her" side table - she will come running to defend her other favorite lounging space
Aaah - that's the spot!
Lola would never have found her Hoppy Ending without the tireless work and dedication of our many Red Door volunteers. But there is always more that needs doing.  Cleaning volunteers don't have the most glamorous-sounds jobs, but they are essential to keeping our residents healthy and happy.  Foster-parents take animals into their home for more one-on-one time, a quiet vacation away from the shelter, or just to free up a shelter space for another animal needing rescue.  Donations of money and pet food help keep our Pet Food Pantry running and provide a way to help people on fixed or limited incomes keep their beloved animal companions.  Volunteers staff our events, do community outreach, follow-up on reports of stray or abandoned animals, or just help with the phones and the paperwork.  For ways that you can help see our Volunteer Needs page or just give us a call.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Another Easter Bunny Rescued -- In a Peony Bush

Once again, Red Door got the call--an obviously domestic bunny was spotted in someone's garden. This time, it was a white bunny with brown spots "and extra long fur."

Red Door board members Julie and Liz headed out and captured the girl, a young lionhead, as she was hiding in a peony bush.

Of course, her name is Peony--after that sweet summer flower. The number of rescued Easter rabbits in 2012 is now 18....and the summer has barely started.