Friday, June 25, 2010

Time to Wash That Dog!

With all of the hot, rainy, muggy weather we've been having now is the perfect time to get Rover rinsed! On Sunday, July 11th, join us at Central Bark Doggy Day Care (3358 N. Pulaski) for some scrubtacular dog washing. The dog wash takes place from 11am-2pm. A clean dog will cost you only $10, and all proceeds go to help homeless animals at Red Door. What a deal!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cat + Patio = Catio!

Catios--safe outdoor play areas for cats--are in style. Check out the whole trend, plus links to catio suppliers in today's New York Times.

The cats at Red Door are lobbying for their own catio this summer.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Honey Do List

Honey has made out her own Honey Do List:

*Do support Red Door's rabbit rescue efforts! (After all, they rescued me and, even though they put me on a diet to lose weight, I'm very grateful.)

*Do bring my allowance to the Gimme Shelter! event this Sunday, June 13th. There is a fabulous raffle and tickets are only $1.00 each. Plus, maybe I can convince the people in the dog massage tent that I'm just a little puppy.

*Do be my naturally charming self to every adopter who comes to meet me. Because I know there are lots of rabbits who need rescuing and as soon as I leave for a happy forever home, some new bunny will be saved.

3 Days to the Doggy Splash Pools!

You won't want to miss all the fun at Gimme Shelter! on Sunday, June 13th. It's Red Door's 10th anniversary and everyone will be celebrating! Join us at Indian Boundary Park, 2500 W. Lunt, Chicago.

Make That a Decade of Rescuing ALL Animals

Yes, we concentrate on rescuing, sheltering, and re-homing cats, dogs, and rabbits. But Red Door is the no-kill shelter for all animals needing help. Here are just a few of the other animals we've rescued during the past 10 years:
Sweet Pea & Lily, abandoned at the park, where they wouldn't have made it through the winter (big white ducks can't fly away);
Zsa Zsa, the tiny bantam chicken running down Ridge Avenue, dodging through cars;
Boris, who was left in a box--his injured wing needed some nursing;
Blanche, who was standing in a snow bank with frozen feet; and
Khaki and Cooper, two impulsive Easter buys who weren't wanted a few days later.
Everyone got care, food, shelter, and a new loving home where they could live as a companion animal.

50-Ft. Memory Wall -- See the Names of All the Rescued Animals on June 13th

You will want to see the 50-foot Memory Wall this Sunday at Indian Boundary Park, 2500 W. Lunt, Chicago. It will show every name and many photos of the animals rescued by Red Door over the past 10 years.
If you've adopted from Red Door, you can place a heart or star sticker by your pet's name on the wall. And even if you haven't adopted, you'll want to stroll past this most special memory lane. It will be at the 10th Annual Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals event Sunday, June 13th. Details at
Over 50-feet long??!! That is a real decade of rescues.

Thelma & Louise Are On a Runaway Rampage for June 13th

Thelma and Louise are seriously on a robbing rampage for this Sunday's Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals. It's Red Door's 10th anniversary and these two rabbits know that--if not for Red Door--there'd be no no-kill shelter in the Chicago area for homeless bunnies to go. You don't want these two to turn into disapproving rabbits, do you?
So empty your pockets and give a little up for Thelma and Louise--and all the soon-to-be-abandoned Easter bunnies that we'll be taking in. You can make a secure donation at

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

400 Pelicans Saved in Louisanna, 1 in Chicago

We're happy to show you this photo of 400 Louisiana pelicans who were rescued from the recent oil spill. This is after they were washed off by a dedicated crew of volunteers.
Red Door has a fondness for pelicans--after all, we got a call one night in 2006 about an injured pelican on the Morse Avenue beach. It was hard to believe, but it was true! We worked with Flintcreek Wildlife to be sure the pelican was rescued & they rehabbed the lucky guy.
You can read more about the Louisana pelicans here:
And you can see photos of the Lake Michigan pelican that Red Door got the first rescue calls about here: under "American White Pelican Release."
We're not just about cats & dogs & rabbits & chickens & ducks. We've saved pelicans, quails, voles, mice, and other critters, too.

Adopt a Cat Month & Red Door's Memory Wall

I'm Mortimer & I was adopted from Red Door. So you'll be able to see my name on the Memory Wall this Sunday at the Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals event. I hear the wall will be over 50 ft. long & will show the name of every animal Red Door has saved in the past decade. Join the cat team at

Monday, June 07, 2010

Chicago Fire Department Gets Pet Oxygen Masks

Paco is thrilled that the Chicago Fire Department has received a gift of over 200 pet oxygen masks. These masks will go a long way towards helping save pets who are in need.

Paco knows all about need--he was abandoned and had to make his own way until Red Door rescued him. He's doing fine--even though his right ear has a little wear and tear! Now he's waiting for a forever home to adopt him.

You can help pets like Paco by supporting Red Door's Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals on June 13th. No dog? No problem? We'd still like to see you there. And if you can't make it, maybe you can make a small, Paco-sized donation at

And on June 2, the Chicago Fire Department used their new masks to rescue the lives of two dogs and two cats who were trapped in a fire in West Rogers Park. What great news!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

All You Need is Love, say Lennon & McCartney--but a salad never hurt

Lennon and McCartney, a bonded pair of rabbits at Red Door, know that all you need is love. But some timothy hay and a fresh green salad never hurts, either!
This amazing team is hoping (and hopping) that people will support Red Door's Gimme Shelter! celebration on June 13th. They don't even care if you sign up with the cat team or the dog team instead of the rabbit team. All the money raised goes to help all the animals at the shelter.
And they can't wait to hear how the humans like Harrington's Key Lime Sandwich cookies, donated by Sweet Attila's, made by a Red Door bunny adopter and named after the ever-sweet RD rabbit Harrington.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Have You Adopted from Red Door -- Wall of Honor for June 13th

We remember these faces -- of course! And they're only a fraction of the animals we've saved over the last 10 years.

Have you adopted from Red Door? If so, you will want to come to the Gimme Shelter! walk to see our Wall of Honor, showing all of the names--and many of the photos--of the animals we've saved during our past decade of rescues.

You can place a heart or star sticker by your animal's name on the wall.

Even if you haven't adopted from Red Door, you will still want to help us celebrate on June 13th at Indian Boundary Park. Get all the information at

Registration is $15 before the event, $20 the day of the event. See you there!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Kitten One-Step, Two-Step

Miriam swears she saw something--right over there!
Maybe what's catching her interest is the cat team for Red Door's Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals on June 13th. A very enthusiatic group of people are supporting the shelter's cats this year--and when the money goes to help little sweeties like Miriam, who can blame them?
You can give a secure donation online that will go directly to care for the animals. Check out the cat team (or the rabbit team or the dog team) at Red Door's web site:
Go ahead and choose a team. We know you like all the animals.

Rabbits Helping Community Gardens

Like all the Red Door rabbits, Aries is working hard for the Humboldt Park Community Garden. The shelter bunnies have been donating their hay boxes--after a hard day's workout as a litterbox--to the gardeners.
Aries, who was left in a plastic container at the door, is a happy, helpful rabbit ready for adoption. If you're not ready to adopt, please consider making a donation to Red Door's 10th Anniversary Celebration Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals.
You can find information and a secured donation page at