Tuesday, June 08, 2010

400 Pelicans Saved in Louisanna, 1 in Chicago

We're happy to show you this photo of 400 Louisiana pelicans who were rescued from the recent oil spill. This is after they were washed off by a dedicated crew of volunteers.
Red Door has a fondness for pelicans--after all, we got a call one night in 2006 about an injured pelican on the Morse Avenue beach. It was hard to believe, but it was true! We worked with Flintcreek Wildlife to be sure the pelican was rescued & they rehabbed the lucky guy.
You can read more about the Louisana pelicans here:
And you can see photos of the Lake Michigan pelican that Red Door got the first rescue calls about here:
www.flintcreekwildlife.org under "American White Pelican Release."
We're not just about cats & dogs & rabbits & chickens & ducks. We've saved pelicans, quails, voles, mice, and other critters, too.

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