Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Huey Is The Reason For The Season

At some point, most visitors to Red Door will come across Huey. Most people will exclaim how big Huey is, or will compliment him on his distinct Ocicat markings. Huey loves visitors, because having visitors means having people who will lavish him with attention...and the occasional treat if he can sneak one. This was Huey's 11th year at Red Door, and despite his numerous medical ailments, he's still going strong and is as goofy and playful as ever. While many people would say that Huey is lucky to have Red Door, the truth is, Red Door is lucky to have Huey. His spirit to overcome the odds stacked against him, his loving and generous nature, his affable personality are all great reminders to us all this holiday season to love the ones who love us unconditionally.
From all of the staff, volunteers, cats, rabbits, and dogs at Red Door, have a Happy Holiday, and a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Venitian Nights

Venitia was originally found outside by someone who tried to keep her, but she simply did not get along with the other cats in the household. Venitia is just a little thing, and if you didn't know she was an adult cat, you might think she was a kitten. She was in very poor condition when she was admittted to Red Door. There were patches of fur missing from her back, scabs all over her body, a small hard nodule just beneath her skin on her shoulder, and her left eye appeared to be damaged. The veterinarians who first examined her thought that maybe someone had tried to roughly shave all of her fur off, cutting her with the razor in the process. The small hard nodule lodged in her shoulder was thought to be a pellet or a bee bee. This was later confirmed by an eye specialist who said that it appeared that her left eye had been shot with a pellet or bee bee. The doctor confirmed that Venitia most likely could not see out of this eye, however, no treatmeant or surgery was required.

Venitia did not allow any of these things to deter her. In the weeks and months since coming to Red Door, her skin has improved dramatically, and she's getting around superbly with the use of only one eye. She's very sweet, affectionate, and trusting, which is surprising given her prior history with treatment from people. She's not a big fan of other cats, and would be best in a loving home on her own.