Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Door's 11th Annual Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals

On Sunday June 12, over 200 animal lovers will come to Indian Boundary Park to support Red Door Animal Shelter at the 11th annual Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals. The walk is always a ton of fun for people and pooches alike. After the 3k walk through the park and neighborhood, participants come back and enjoy a continental breakfast, entertainment, doggie splash pools, and more fun!

Advance registration fee is only $20, and day of registration is $25. Kids are only $5! Everyone who registers gets a free walk tshirt and a bandana for their doggie. No dog? No problem! You can still join up and register to walk with the cat or rabbit team. The rabbit team won two years ago, and the cat team won last year. Who will win the rubber match this year?

There are two easy ways to register for the walk. If you'd like to register to join up with the cat or rabbit team, or if you'd like to raise additional funds aside from the registration fee, you can register at:

If you just want to register for yourself or another person without joining a team, you can register at:

See you there on the 12th!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rest in Peace McGreevy

Red Door expresses its deepest sympathies to Kerri F. on the passing of her beloved McGreevy. He was a tiny dwarf boy with a BIG attitude. Kerri remembers...

"I originally came to Red Door for Schroeder because I saw him on Petfinder. I ended up seeing McGreevy first and he seemed to take a liking to me. I heard that he was having a hard time getting adopted and that just broke my heart. I did leave with Schrodie but I never forgot about The Greevster. I kept checking in with Marcia hoping he was adopted. He wasn't so I fostered him.

After about a week he got stuck under my radiator (which wasn't on thank god!). After I got him out (longest 3 min of my life), I knew he was trouble but I also knew he was mine. Well I've had McGreevy for over 6 yrs. and in that time he never failed to make me laugh. He liked to get in trouble...but how can you really get mad at a bunny? He was not allowed in my bedroom anymore because of my allergies and because he ripped the bottom off of my box spring and would hide inside of it. So he liked to sit in the doorway of my room as if he were challenging me. Most of the time he would just wait until I noticed and I'd yell "Bunny!", and he'd run as fast as he could back to his room. Then he'd do it again 5 min. later.

He also figured out that I was giving my dogs sweet potato and he'd box my dog out of her bowl just to get some. She never fought him. She knew who she was messing with. So I started giving him a little too until the doctor said that was a no no. So instead he got a tablespoon of critical care with a little carrot on top for his nightly treat. He loved his critical care! I work all different hours but the latest I ever get home is about 9:30pm. So that became midnight snack time. One thing that always amazed me is that he knew what time it was! Even when I came home early or didn't work at all, he knew when it was 9pm. So he would wait in the doorway of the kitchen and stare me down until I started getting their treat ready. Then McGreevy and my two dogs would line up side by side and wait for it. He'd scarf his down so he could try to steal the dogs treat too. He soon had to be separated from the dogs during treat time.

Needless to say he was a character. I used to call him my little BadAss. He was the best and going through all my pictures made realize how much he must have missed Schroeder. They were my little Brokeback Bunnies. Hopefully they're together again. That gives me some peace of mind."

McGreevy was well-loved and will be missed by many.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Remembering Smitty -- an Exceptional Rabbit

Many volunteers & visitors to the shelter remember Smitty, a small black-&-white Dutch bunny. He was an exceptional bunny with more personality than most humans. But he had some neurological problems--nothing that impeded his quality of life--but the future was uncertain. So he was always passed over for adoption.

Then Laura met him. And she adopted him, so Smitty was able to live his life in a warm, loving home where his special qualities were appreciated.

Laura writes:
"I just want to express how much Smitty meant to me. He was my introduction to life with a bunny, and I took such joy in daily things like watching him hop freely around the apartment with his cute little rump in the air. He was very happy with us, and he often spent time under the bed with his favorite cat, Nina. I think he felt something in her that he enjoyed because she was a cat that had survived a car accident and extensive injuries. I know he was happy because he would often come into the living room while I watched tv and he would do binkies across the rug so I could see him. For the short time I had him he found his way into my heart."

A few days ago Smitty had a seizure and died in Laura's arms. We thank Laura for loving Smitty and our thoughts are with her.