Monday, May 09, 2011

Remembering Smitty -- an Exceptional Rabbit

Many volunteers & visitors to the shelter remember Smitty, a small black-&-white Dutch bunny. He was an exceptional bunny with more personality than most humans. But he had some neurological problems--nothing that impeded his quality of life--but the future was uncertain. So he was always passed over for adoption.

Then Laura met him. And she adopted him, so Smitty was able to live his life in a warm, loving home where his special qualities were appreciated.

Laura writes:
"I just want to express how much Smitty meant to me. He was my introduction to life with a bunny, and I took such joy in daily things like watching him hop freely around the apartment with his cute little rump in the air. He was very happy with us, and he often spent time under the bed with his favorite cat, Nina. I think he felt something in her that he enjoyed because she was a cat that had survived a car accident and extensive injuries. I know he was happy because he would often come into the living room while I watched tv and he would do binkies across the rug so I could see him. For the short time I had him he found his way into my heart."

A few days ago Smitty had a seizure and died in Laura's arms. We thank Laura for loving Smitty and our thoughts are with her.


wanderlustings said...

my heart goes out to laura for caring for smitty and i will keep both of them in my thoughts.

Ginger said...

My deepest condolences to Laura. Having recently lost a bunny myself, also an adoptee from Red Door, I know what she must be going through now.

Lauren said...

Though it was about 4 years ago, I still remember meeting Smitty at the shelter. He was such a little sweetheart, such a happy guy, despite his health problems. He was certainly loved by all who met him. His mommy and his memory are in my thoughts.

literarybuns said...

Rest in peace, darling Smitty. It was a joy to meet you. Please say hello to my darling Hemingway on the Rainbow Bridge!

Matthew said...

Such sad news, but touching to see the outpouring of love for this legendary hun bun. I remember meeting him at Red Door several times. He was probably the most personable rabbit that I've ever met - a true testament to amazing care given to him at Red Door (and later by Laura). Both Smitty and Laura are in our thoughts.

Laura said...

The outpouring of love for Smitty has been such a comfort. He was such a sweet bun and I'll miss him but I take such great comfort in knowing he was loved by many and that I gave him a happy home. Many thanks.