Thursday, March 03, 2011

Remember the Duck "Brothers"?

We're sure you remember the baby ducks who came to Red Door last winter--they had been dumped in a pond but they had no feathers, just baby duck fuzz? Then it turned out they had metal poisoning, so Kiwi and Waffles lived at Red Door for several months while being treated.

We called them the Duck Brothers and you may have seen the video of them on our Facebook page? They loved to swim in our sink and later, when they got bigger, in our bathtub.

When Kiwi and Waffles reached a full recovery, they went to live in Virginia with our well-known duck lovers and rescuers Heather and John. (Thanks to Pam and her husband John for driving them.)

Guess what? The "brothers" turn out to be sisters! We thought you'd like to see Kiwi and Waffles in the backyard of their new home. The first photos shows Waffles looking at the camera and Kiwi is right behind her.

And the second photo shows the whole gang--we hear the Duck Sisters fit right in! In the middle of this photo you can see Kiwi and Waffles walking on either side of their new best friend Elmer. And bringing up the rear is Flipper, who is quacking off at them.

They look like very happy, healthy ducks! Thanks Heather and John for all the duck love.