Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get your tickets!

Spring To Life raffle tickets are in! Be sure to stop by the shelter and pick some up. Tickets are only $1 each, and the drawing is April 24th at the end of Spa Day. Grand prize is a $500 Visa gift card + a bottle of champagne, 1st prize is a case of 12 bottles of "Wines Around the World", 2nd prize is an Olympus FE digital camera, 3rd prize is an ipod touch, 4th prize is 2 books + 2 Vosages chocolate bars! Don't miss out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was describing the process of adoption to a friend, who remarked that it was like dating... which inspired me to write up a profile for Elenor in online dating style. Enjoy!

Name: Elenor Rigby. Yes, after the Beatles song. Yes, spelled differently. I go by Elenor.

Age: A lady never tells. But I am quite grown up.

Fur color: White. Very soft, if I do say so myself.
Eye color: A very attractive red and pink combo.

Weight: Healthy/Athletic.

Perfect first date: Approach me quietly. No clumping feet or loud friendly greetings, please! I like to get to know people slowly -- I'm shy at first, but I open up eventually if you give me time.

Likes: Music, including but not limited to the Beatles. I love it when my human plays the guitar. Carpeting that I can run around on. Massages behind the ears and on the forehead. Anything chewy. My human's Complete Works of William Shakespeare was especially delicious.

Dislikes: I'm not wild about dogs. When my human watches a movie or TV and a dog barks in the background, I freeze.

Conversation: I do occasionally tooth-rub and grunt, but I'm not a big talker.

Favorite foods: Curly parsley and pears. I even ate part of an orange peel that my human unwisely left sitting out, with no ill effects.

A typical day: Eat, sleep, get petted, eat, sleep, run around, explore, get petted, eat, sleep.

Friday, March 05, 2010

The Queen of Sheba DOES NOT Approve!

Red Door alumni, Sheba the Lionhead was recently posted to the Disapproving Rabbits website:
Sheba's adoptive mom, Veronique, Is very proud of her little girl...and so are we!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tattoo You! Red Door Pairs Up with Insight Studios

Insight Studios, Chicago's most progressive tattoo and piercing studio, partnered with Red Door for a tattoo benefit on February 20-21. All the profits on that weekend went to help the cats, dogs, and rabbits at the shelter. Insight raised $2163.00!

A story in the Chicago Tribune on March 3 profiled the event, including the unusually large number of requests for rabbit-themed tattoos.

Read more about it here:,0,2447609.story

Thanks to everyone who came to Tattoo You! and thanks to Insight Studios, 1062 N. Milwaukee, Chicago.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Mario and Luigi get a HIGH SCORE!

Earlier this year, Red Door rescued two boys from the city pound. Absolutely inseparable, these 2 buns would play games and chase each other in circles. Thus, they earned the names Mario and Luigi. The boys were adopted last month, and today we received a wonderful message from their new family.
Catherine writes:
"I want to give you an update on "the boys"--Mario and Luigi, whom we have renamed Bruce and Scottie (with a dog named Louie, it was just too confusing!).

They are WONDERFUL! We love them! They have terrific, outgoing personalities, and are so friendly and sweet. They use their litterbox very well, and the mounting behavior is completely gone. They are very affectionate with one another (grooming each other and lying together) with none of the mounting. We really love having a bonded pair.

Hey--and having cover boys for pets is very cool! To introduce them to friends and family, I just sent your recent newsletter.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know how lucky we feel to have two such great bunnies.
Thanks for your help with their adoption, and for all you do for the animals."