Monday, March 01, 2010

Mario and Luigi get a HIGH SCORE!

Earlier this year, Red Door rescued two boys from the city pound. Absolutely inseparable, these 2 buns would play games and chase each other in circles. Thus, they earned the names Mario and Luigi. The boys were adopted last month, and today we received a wonderful message from their new family.
Catherine writes:
"I want to give you an update on "the boys"--Mario and Luigi, whom we have renamed Bruce and Scottie (with a dog named Louie, it was just too confusing!).

They are WONDERFUL! We love them! They have terrific, outgoing personalities, and are so friendly and sweet. They use their litterbox very well, and the mounting behavior is completely gone. They are very affectionate with one another (grooming each other and lying together) with none of the mounting. We really love having a bonded pair.

Hey--and having cover boys for pets is very cool! To introduce them to friends and family, I just sent your recent newsletter.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know how lucky we feel to have two such great bunnies.
Thanks for your help with their adoption, and for all you do for the animals."

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James said...

Both are really cute.
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