Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was describing the process of adoption to a friend, who remarked that it was like dating... which inspired me to write up a profile for Elenor in online dating style. Enjoy!

Name: Elenor Rigby. Yes, after the Beatles song. Yes, spelled differently. I go by Elenor.

Age: A lady never tells. But I am quite grown up.

Fur color: White. Very soft, if I do say so myself.
Eye color: A very attractive red and pink combo.

Weight: Healthy/Athletic.

Perfect first date: Approach me quietly. No clumping feet or loud friendly greetings, please! I like to get to know people slowly -- I'm shy at first, but I open up eventually if you give me time.

Likes: Music, including but not limited to the Beatles. I love it when my human plays the guitar. Carpeting that I can run around on. Massages behind the ears and on the forehead. Anything chewy. My human's Complete Works of William Shakespeare was especially delicious.

Dislikes: I'm not wild about dogs. When my human watches a movie or TV and a dog barks in the background, I freeze.

Conversation: I do occasionally tooth-rub and grunt, but I'm not a big talker.

Favorite foods: Curly parsley and pears. I even ate part of an orange peel that my human unwisely left sitting out, with no ill effects.

A typical day: Eat, sleep, get petted, eat, sleep, run around, explore, get petted, eat, sleep.

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