Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aaaaaattt Laaaaaasst!

Etta James couldn't have said it any better herself. Long time resident Gabriel was officially adopted on Saturday to his forever home. Gabriel was a favorite of the staff and volunteers at Red Door, and was well known to people in the neighborhood as "that big gray Maine Coon in the window". Gabe was often known as "King Gabriel" for his regal attitude and big furry coat. Not to mention the way he was respected like a king by the other cats in the shelter. Gabriel was adopted and returned an astonishing 3 times, and fostered & returned once. Most people didn't understand Gabriels true nature, and didn't want to give him the time, patience, love, and respect he deserves. His new home offers him that and so much more!

Gabriel's new mom adds:

"He has this new routine when I get up in the middle of the night. He will crawl up me when I get back into bed, and lay partially on my shoulder and pillow and then he'll head butt his forehead against my chin or back by my ear, with his wet nose pressing against my neck, all the while purring very loudly. It sounds kind of wierd when I describe it, but its really quite sweet."

Everyone at Red Door is really happy for Gabriel and his new companion!