Sunday, December 24, 2006

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

We don't think so. So we're thrilled when Red Door alums send in recent photos of themselves. What better way to ring in the New Year than remembering some dear Red Door friends?

Here are Katie and Roy, a bonded rabbit couple. deeply in love.

And then there's Redford and his new girlfriend Abbey [the former Tinkerbelle].

Redford celebrates the new year by tossing a little hay on his head.

And Timberlake, who's not even a Red Door dog--just the beloved rescue dog of a Red Door supporter.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Party On

Board member Toni Greetis and her husband Brian love their animals. So no wonder they're planning a New Year's party with all of them.

Toni submitted this photo to the Oxbow Hay Holiday photo contest and--no surprise--she won: a $100 gift certificate. Now that's something to celebrate.

The Not-So-Wild Goose Chase

It was that first week in December--after the sleet storm, after the snow had fallen and turned to ice--that Red Door went out to rescue a goose.

We'd noticed a gray goose hanging out in a large yard in Rogers Park. The goose was happy swimming in the backyard koi pond at night and standing under a pine tree during the day. It appeared to be a juvenile Snow Goose or a white-fronted gray other words, a wild goose. So every day we'd check on it, expecting it to take off as the weather began to turn.

But it didn't. When the sleet and snow hit, the goose stayed put. So we knew we had a problem.

Thanks to the help of Flintcreek Wildlife Rescue, the goose was rescued the first day after the snow fell. We were slipping around and stumbling through the snow, and the goose was running around the yard, stopping periodically to turn around and hiss at us.

Finally, he was captured and driven off to Flintcreek. Where we heard, a few days later, that the goose was probably a hybrid of a Chinese goose and a wild goose--which, in the world of wildlife rescue, made this a domestic goose instead of a wild one. We also learned that someone had clipped his wings, so he couldn't fly away.

Thanks, Flintcreek, for leading us on this you-know-what chase, and for re-homing the beautiful gray goose.

Monday, December 04, 2006

First there was one rabbit....

The Czarnecki familly in Wheeling phoned the shelter to say they had found a domestic rabbit outside. He was a beautiful lavender-silver color and very friendly. They agreed to foster Silverado, as they called him, until the shelter had room--a time period thought to be about two weeks.

Imagine their surprise when one morning seven days later "he" had had a litter of baby bunnies. Silverado became Honey Momma and the Czarneckis were very understanding that now the mother and babies couldn't be moved to the shelter for another six weeks.

Finally, the day arrived when they all came to the shelter and we couldn't resist taking of a photo of all the babies piled together. The mother, now named Lilac, is happy to be done with her baby-raising time and she's ready to move on to a new life with an adopter. The five bunny kids are looking for individual foster homes--are you interested in taking on a baby bunny for a short while? Red Door provides equipment and hay; the bunny provides the fun; and you give the love.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Everybody into the Pond!" 2nd Annual Duck Rescue

Last fall, we had to rescue 3 Pekin ducks [the large white ducks] from the pond down the block. Someone had dumped them and because this breed can't fly, they would have been left behind when the mallards flew off. They never would have made it through the winter.
It was a fun two-day rescue, with people having to jump into the pond and then rustle up the ducks when they waddled into the nearby prarie plantings. We were so happy when a wonderful couple from Indiana adopted all three ducks as pets.

Fast forward to a week ago, when we get a phone call from someone at Indian Boundary Park: someone has dumped another white duck and can we rescue it?

That's when we started planning what is turning out to be our annual duck rescue. But before we could spring into action [and the pond], Mike and Tim--assistant manager and animal steward from the shelter--walked over to the pond and --OK, after a little splashing around in the water--brought back Frederick the duck. Another day's work, another duck saved.

And we're happy to report that the Indiana couple are coming the first week of November to pick up Frederick! Until he's swimming around in a small plastic "pond" in the shelter's office.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Pelican Brief

After being with Red Door for over six years, Kristin thought she had heard everything. But the phone call tonight was a new one: someone said he had spotted a sick pelican around the Pratt Avenue pier. Could we tell him how to help?

Uh, no. But we could give him the number of Flintcreek Wildlife Rehabilation, who came to Pratt and the lake and rescued the pelican. Yes, it's a wild pelican--Flintcreek says that pelicans around Chicago aren't that unusual--and it is injured.

We're hoping for the best and know that the pelican is in good hands. To follow its progress, check out

Spa Day Success

Red Door's last Spa-Di-Da Day, on Saturday October 21, was a huge success! Many Red Door alumni returned for nail trimming, grooming and glamour portraits. We were thrilled to see Eloise, Lexi, Penn, Fern, Casey and Nadia, Courtney, Rex, Nolan, Charisma, Benji and Charlie, and Rafe again. And we made some new friends, like these two bunnies who waited their turns by strolling around on their harnesses. The salad eating contest was a big hit, too--although some eaters turned shy while others ate the parsley in record time.

Don't miss the fun--next Spa Day is January 20.

Friday, October 13, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday?

The Red Door cats were very happy to meet Mary Anne Clark and her friends, who came all the way from Hinsdale to the shelter. The reason was Mary Anne's birthday. She and her friends brought decorated paper bags filled with animal goodies: cat food, toys, rabbit hay, treats.

Thanks, Mary Anne--what a wonderful way to celebrate.

Oscar & Felix--Odd Couple Lucky Again

Several years Oscar and Felix, two orange tabby cats, came to Red Door. They were skinny and shy and they needed a new home. And then they found one together--until a few weeks ago, when their person was transferred to a new job in China

These two cats came back to Red Door --no longer skinny and not really shy, but definitely wondering where they would be going next. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait very long at all! In less than 2 weeks, Oscar and Felix were adopted into a new loving home.

Here's a snap of them relaxing at home and saying, "That was easy! Guess it's `cause we're so cute."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Foster cats enjoying summer vacation

At the beginning of the summer our Executive Director, Red Door put out a notice stating that all of our cats would love to have a summer vacation foster home away from the shelter. The response has been overwhelming so far! Many of the foster cats have even turned into adoptions. After fostering these cats for a couple of weeks, who could resist!

Here are the cats that have been fostered so far this summer: Pudge, McCallister, Naomi, Ash, Sting, Chrissie...and the list continues to grow! If you have some room in your home, how about giving a Red Door cat a break from shelter life. :)

Matt Gannon

How could anyone say no to a face like this?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Iris finds a home!

Last year, a teacher found a large black-and-silver rabbit in a waste basket at her school. The poor bunny was eating Snickers bars. The teacher brought the rabbit to Red Door and we named her Iris.

Iris is a sweet rabbit but because she turned out to have an asthma-like condition that required nebulizing, she always got passed over for adoption. Finally, a foster home was willing to give Iris a try--after all, one of their kids also got nebulized, so they were familiar with the process. Now we're happy to announce that Iris has found a permanent home!

Cat Adoption Update

Great news! Chrissie, a Russian Blue cat who was extremely shy, was adopted.

Gemini and Brendan, who were dumped at our front door about a month ago, also went to a new home. We're as thrilled as they are that they're staying together.

Alfie, the mellow gentleman that he is, has been getting along famously with his adoptive family.

Also, a couple of our residents that have been with us for awhile, Griffith and Tumu, found a home as well.

Kristin [Program Director] & Matt [Shelter Manager]

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Buns on the Run

The first call came on the Saturday of the Fourth of July weekend: a rabbit had been found outside, living under cars. The caller said the bunny looked in bad shape, and with the temperatures hitting the high 90s, the poor guy didn't stand much of a chance. He went to Animal 911, the emergency clinic, for an evaluation.
Another call came the next day: A neighbor of mine phoned to say that 2 other neighbors--Wendy DeCarlo-Young of the D.O.G. Obedience Group and her husband Sam Young--had seen a white rabbit running under the trash dumpsters. They were in hot pursuit, but needed some back-up help. Tom and I headed down the alley. Sam thought of luring the bunny out with some parsley and that did the trick: when the rabbit stopped to eat some, she was scooped up.
We could see she was supposed to be a white rabbit, but her time under the trash dumpsters had left sooty gray markings all over her. She has a very sweet and outgoing personality; we named her Scarlett because while she had a bad day [or two or three] outside, she believes--just like Scarlett O'Hara--that tomorrow will be another day.
Today, both Scarlett and Gatsby, the name we gave the first bunny who was found outside, are doing well and thrilled to be living inside like pet rabbits should. Now they're ready for some new homes.

Marcia Coburn

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

End-of-July Shelter Events

The last weekend of July we will have a couple of fundraising events for the shelter. Saturday, July 29 will be another one of our quarterly Spa-Di-Da Days, in which cats, rabbits and guinea pigs can enjoy some freshening up.

On Sunday, July 30th from 10am - 3pm at 6701 North Rockwell St. our generous volunteers the Brewers have offered to host a garage sale at their home to benefit the shelter. We're still looking for items to sell, and people to shop!

More information about both events, as well as other upcoming events, can be found on the shelter's website:

Thanks for coming out to support Red Door.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Fire Bunnies" Need Foster Homes

Phoenix, Talia, and Charisma are three sweet rabbits who survived a house fire and now have a second chance at life, thanks to the brave firefighters who rescued them. Trapped in cages during the fire, the bunnies sustained burns to their ears and eyelids, but they are getting better each day with treatment. Unfortunately their human caretakers did not survive the fire, and the bunnies are left without a home or anyone to care for them.

Red Door needs immediate foster homes in which the bunnies can receive TLC and heal before being neutered and adopted. These spirited Dutch Sport bunnies are friendly and active, 1-2 years old, and litter-box trained. They do not all have to stay together. If you can help, please let me know ASAP and we will provide more information.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Exciting Valentine's Day Announcement!

It's official: Red Door Animal Shelter is getting its very own building! One of the shelter's founders has purchased a building exclusively for Red Door's use.

We rent our current space--and as you have surely noticed, it is more than a little cramped. While exact details are still being worked out, our progressive new shelter will include many innovative details to enhance the physical and emotional well-bring of the animals, such as:

*Outside dog play areas;
*Roomy suites so all the animals can stretch their paws;
*Enrichment details for exercise and play;
*Expanded isolation areas, treatment area and medical lab.

And yes, the laundry area will include more washers and dryers! (But we will still need volunteers to help with the laundry.)

In addition, we will have more space to accomodate volunteer activities, hold meetings, and conduct fundraising and educational activities on-site.
We're thrilled that we will remain in West Rogers Park -- our new space is just three blocks away -- 7225 N. Western Avenue (near the corner of Western and Touhy). And, it has a parking lot!

Of course, good things come to those who wait -- necessary renovations mean that we will not complete our move until next year. As time goes by, we will be looking for volunteers who want to be part of a massive strategy to move the animals in the way that will involve the least amount of stress for them. If you are interested in helping with this initiative, please let me know.

We also will have room naming opportunities available in the new facility, if you know someone who may be interested.

The possibilities are truly endless--and we have been anxious to share the news with you as soon as we possibly could. Please join us in celebrating this tremendous Valentine that has been presented to the animals that Red Door is helping now, as well as those who will come our way in the future.

It's truly a sweet time for the shelter, and we're so glad you are a part of it. Thanks for all your support, and please let me know if you have any questions.