Monday, December 04, 2006

First there was one rabbit....

The Czarnecki familly in Wheeling phoned the shelter to say they had found a domestic rabbit outside. He was a beautiful lavender-silver color and very friendly. They agreed to foster Silverado, as they called him, until the shelter had room--a time period thought to be about two weeks.

Imagine their surprise when one morning seven days later "he" had had a litter of baby bunnies. Silverado became Honey Momma and the Czarneckis were very understanding that now the mother and babies couldn't be moved to the shelter for another six weeks.

Finally, the day arrived when they all came to the shelter and we couldn't resist taking of a photo of all the babies piled together. The mother, now named Lilac, is happy to be done with her baby-raising time and she's ready to move on to a new life with an adopter. The five bunny kids are looking for individual foster homes--are you interested in taking on a baby bunny for a short while? Red Door provides equipment and hay; the bunny provides the fun; and you give the love.

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