Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Adopt a Dog in Chicago Area -- Give Gus a Chance

You'll never meet a more lovable guy than Gus. He's just a big lug [56 pounds] of sweetness and friendliness. He's currently living in a foster home with 7 cats--so that should give you a good idea of Gus's easygoing nature. He is dog-friendly. Gus is 2 years old. If he looks a little more "aged" than that, it's because of his background. He was abandoned outside in a dog exercise pen. His owner just left him and his sister Missy [already adopted from Red Door] and vanished. Gus had to deal with no shelter, little food, lack of water, no relief from fly bites on his ears. So if he looks a little weatherbeaten, you know why.

But this neglect never touched his heart. He knows he's not the prettiest guy around, but is definitely one of the sweetest.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

What's in Tandem with Tikki? Adopt a Cat in Chicago Area.

What is that sticking out of the middle of Tikki's back? It looks like little angel wings? Or tiny rabbit ears?

Nope! It's her kitten Tandem. Tikki and Tandem were found outside, fending for themselves. We're happy to provide them with a warm, safe place.

Adopt a Dog in Chicago Area - This Chocolate Lab Has Zero Calories!

Weatherby may have a very proper British-sounding name, but he's still just a happy chocolate lab looking for a home. He's house-trained, knows sit, loves people, is dog-friendly; he could benefit from some training on how to walk on a leash. And we know he'd love a yard or regular exercise!

Please consider adopting Weatherby. This is one helping of chocolate that's non-fat.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't Call Her "Chicken!" She Was Running Down Ridge Avenue.

Luckily, a driver saw poor Zsa Zsa running down Ridge Avenue, dodging cars. This person stopped, risked her own life to capture Zsa Zsa, and bring her to Red Door. This Japanese Bantam chicken is very sweet and really likes being around people. We have no idea how she got in the middle of a busy Chicago street--we're just glad we could help rescue her.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 -- That's a Wrap!

It was a good year for the animals at Red Door--if you doubt it, just check out Cadbury, who was transferred from ACC to RD. Here he's relaxing in his foster home, which lets him run the house. We're not sure that Cadbury's ever to be formally up for adoption--but many other wonderful animals are.

Please think of the cats, dogs, rabbits--and even a chicken!--when you or your friends are ready for an animal companion.