Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Adopt a Dog in Chicago Area -- Give Gus a Chance

You'll never meet a more lovable guy than Gus. He's just a big lug [56 pounds] of sweetness and friendliness. He's currently living in a foster home with 7 cats--so that should give you a good idea of Gus's easygoing nature. He is dog-friendly. Gus is 2 years old. If he looks a little more "aged" than that, it's because of his background. He was abandoned outside in a dog exercise pen. His owner just left him and his sister Missy [already adopted from Red Door] and vanished. Gus had to deal with no shelter, little food, lack of water, no relief from fly bites on his ears. So if he looks a little weatherbeaten, you know why.

But this neglect never touched his heart. He knows he's not the prettiest guy around, but is definitely one of the sweetest.

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