Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here Is What NOT To Do...

For the second time this week, a box has been left at the front door with an animal inside. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last time unfortunately. However, both times, the animal that was inside escaped and the box was empty by the time the staff came in the morning. One of the animals was recovered by someone, the other unfortunately has not been found. If you find an animal, or know someone who has, please do NOT leave it at an animal shelter after hours. Aside from the animal possibly escaping and running into traffic (Red Door is located near a very busy intersection & alleyway), many times left without food or water, the animal is also exposed to the elements outside including rain, heat, snow, predators, insects, and even people who may want to do the animal harm. Also, leaving an animal at any shelter in the city other than Chicago Animal Care and Control is considered animal abandonment and is punishable by law. Understandably, people think they're doing the right thing, or may not know where else to turn.
So what should I do with an animal I find outside after hours? If you can house the animal overnight (spare bedroom, bathroom, etc) you can contact area animal shelters in the morning to check on availability. If you absolutely cannot keep the animal overnight and it's after hours, you can contact Chicago Animal Care and Control, who by law must take any stray animals for a holding period.