Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Class of 2012 - Top Ten

In the weeks since Easter, we've had TEN abandoned Easter Bunnies come through our doors.

Dewey has the distinction of being Red Door's first "Easter Bunny" of 2012.  He's been neutered, but then picked up a respiratory infection.  He's doing just fine, and should be healthy enough for adoption very soon.

Little Roo came in and then was adopted so quickly that we didn't even get a good photo of her! 

Rabberto loves everyone, and you're next!   He loves to be petted, and is happy to show his delight by flopping and tooth-purring.   This cheerful caramel-colored boy was recently featured at The Daily Bunny.

Check out Chestnut's classic Dutch markings of white t-shirt and dark pants!  This little boy is very inquisitive and likes to give bunny kisses.

This tiny Rex girl is Capri.  She ran right up to the bars looking for someone to play with!  She came in with a big oil stain on her back, probably from hiding under a car.  But she's all clean now, and will be spayed as soon as she is big enough.

It is REALLY hard to get a good photo of this tiny black and grey puffball!  This is Licorice, and he was found hiding in a parking lot.  Sadly, rescue came too late for his bunny-friend who was found deceased nearby.  Licorice is now over his case of coccidia and due to be neutered soon.

Maple was running loose near the Forest Preserve in Skokie.  She needs a bit of time to get healthy before she's ready to be adopted, but she's in good hands now!  She has a lovely little white kissing-spot on her chest..

Blackbeard arrived in a laundry basket, brought in by a good samaritan who found him in a Portage Park neighborhood.  He's a Rex with deep black velvet fur, and he loves to be petted.

And speaking of pettins!  This blissed-out bunny boy is Irving, another Rex boy.  He is white with brown markings and was found abandoned in the park.

All of these boys and girls should be ready for adoption soon.  We also have many other rabbits who are ready for immediate adoption. Contact us to make an appointment for an introduction!