Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st Easter bunny of 2008 arrives

Meet Avery--who is less than 4 weeks old and measures 8 inches long. She or he (it's too early to tell yet) is the first 2008 Easter bunny victim at Red Door. Thanks to an animal lover who saved Avery from her doorman, who had purchased Avery as a gift--a gift that wasn't wanted. Currently Avery is in a foster home, where this little Dutch has a lot of growing to do.

Talk about one picture being worth a thousand words: Here's why rabbits should not be sold for Easter.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ramona officially adopted at Red Door

You might remember reading about a poor kitty that came to Red Door almost one year ago today. Her name was Ramona, and in her 5 years, she had been through alot...prone to kidney and urinary stones, shot with a BB gun, living in a household with a dog that made her stressed and miserable. After she came to Red Door she perked up, got healthy, relaxed, and became the ultimate (and we do mean ultimate!) lap cat. We're happy to say that Ramona has officially been adopted this week! She's fitting in wonderfully, and has no worries in her new loving home.

All The Love He Can Bear

Red Door resident senior feline Bear went to a loving home this week. Bear has rewarded his new home with Bear-hugs and finds things to be quite Bear-able. Here he is playing "Bear in a Blanket".

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Adopt a Dog in Chicago Area -- Meet Shelby!

Looking for a hug? Sweet little Shelby will give you one. She's quite accomplished at putting her front paws around your neck and giving you a hug. Shelby is 2-years-old, good on her leash, fine with cats, children and other dogs. She passed her temperament test with flying colors!

Shelby is looking for a loving home. Please consider adopting a dog from Red Door.

St. Catrick's Day Update

Last Saturday was St. Catrick's Day at Red Door--the day that all the Red Door cats are Irish. Any cat adopted went home with a catnip-filled shamrock; his or her new human companion received an Illinois Lottery Shamrock lottery. The lucky cats included: Grey; Lex; Grace, Biscotti, Forrester, and others.

Easter Bunnies -- The Right Way!

It's that time of year again. And once more, Red Door is getting the word out about not buying pet bunnies for Easter. Our ad--designed courtesy of board member Toni Greetis--has run in The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, Pioneer Press. It is also displayed in pet supply stores, libraries, and community centers in the metropolitan area.

Here's hoping it's a good year for rabbits.
Thanks to the Anti-Cruelty Society for their help in getting the word out.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Heading South - The Ducks Are Going Home

The five ducks who were given out as party favors at a kid's party have found a new home. Since being rescued by Red Door, these ducks have grown up from cute balls of yellow fuzz and now they will be moving to a wonderful home just south of Joliet. They'll have their own heated duck house, swimming pool, and a secure nighttime place to sleep. The Duck Road Trip is scheduled for Sunday.

These three have been fostered by Dr. Gia Gallegos--a huge thanks to her! The other two have been fostered by Kari Maclean--another huge thanks! Also, we want to thank Illinois Duck Rescue, Holly Richards (who helped us track down two of the party favor ducklings), Barb Manny for being the driver on the Duck Road Trip, and Animal 911 for all their help.

Gus Gets Adopted!

Gus found a home! And we're as excited as he is. Thanks to Barb Manny, who fostered him for several months until he found his forever home. And thanks, too, to Barb's 7 cats, who put up with Gus.

Gus's portrait by