Saturday, March 01, 2008

Heading South - The Ducks Are Going Home

The five ducks who were given out as party favors at a kid's party have found a new home. Since being rescued by Red Door, these ducks have grown up from cute balls of yellow fuzz and now they will be moving to a wonderful home just south of Joliet. They'll have their own heated duck house, swimming pool, and a secure nighttime place to sleep. The Duck Road Trip is scheduled for Sunday.

These three have been fostered by Dr. Gia Gallegos--a huge thanks to her! The other two have been fostered by Kari Maclean--another huge thanks! Also, we want to thank Illinois Duck Rescue, Holly Richards (who helped us track down two of the party favor ducklings), Barb Manny for being the driver on the Duck Road Trip, and Animal 911 for all their help.

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