Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Month of Discounted Adoptions Ends on High Note

For the month of August, all adoptions at Red Door were 25% off the regular adoption fee of $100 for cats and rabbits. We saw 12 animals find new homes during those 31 days, including two pairs of cats adopted out together! One of the biggest names adopted was Dee, adopted on the last day of August. Dee came to Red Door as a 6 month old over two and a half years ago. She spent her time in the kitten room, and as time went on, she outgrew her kittenhood and became an adult cat. She saw a lot of kittens come and go in those two years. About a month ago, she was moved to the common area at Red Door and everyone saw her personality shine. It didn't take long for her after that to find the home that fit her the best. Her adopter reports that Dee is doing great in her new home, and has become quite fond of "punching dough" on her new companion. :)