Sunday, August 05, 2012

Every Bunny Needs Somebunny (Sometimes)

Love (or at least friendship) was in the air at Red Door on a recent Wednesday evening, with a possible record of 4 sets of simultaneous sessions of "Bunny Speed Dating"!

Rabbits are social animals, and are often happiest with a companion.  While many can successfully bond with their people or other pets, in most cases they do best with a companion of their own kind.

However, anyone who has lived with rabbits knows that nobody can sulk like an annoyed rabbit, so it is usually suggested that rabbits be allowed to help pick out their own companions.  Each rabbit is an individual, but usually the easiest bondings are spayed female with neutered male.  Male/male bondings can work, and the most difficult is female/female.

Many people come to Red Door looking for a companion for their own rabbit.  First they meet with an experienced volunteer to talk about their rabbit's personality and habits - this is important in helping us match them with a likely friend.  Then it's time for Date Night!

Marilyn recently came to Red Door after 10 years as a school bunny.  This dignified seniorbun had a chance to meet Valentino, and they seemed "pretty chill".  We're all hoping that this works out, as she deserves a quiet retirement with a good friend after all she has been through.

   Swatch and Rolex are two of Blossom's babies born at Red Door last year.  They were adopted together but recently have decided that they hate each other.  After a brief break, we tried to introduce them again, but they seem seriously set against each other now.  Swatch had a brief meeting with Winslet (see below) last week, and Rolex was introduced to several girls this week, but everyone seems too stressed out right now for any real bonding. We'll give everyone a nice long break and try again later.

Capri and Frances

Visiting Ex Frances was there to meet Capri, who is one of this year's Easter class.  There was "a lot of circling" but not in a threatening way, and shared some lettuce.  They are going to have their second date this coming Wednesday.

Red Door alumn Winslet was on her third date with Irving.  All continued to go well, with only a few tiny scuffles that were quickly defused.  He has now gone home to foster with her in hopes that everything works out on her home turf.
Irving and Winslet at home

  If you are interested in getting a companion for your rabbit, there is lots of great information online that can be helpful.  In particular, BinkyBunny has quite a few "bonding journals" on their forums, which can give you a realistic idea of the process.  Or just call or e-mail us - we'd be happy to play matchmaker for you!