Thursday, July 20, 2006

Buns on the Run

The first call came on the Saturday of the Fourth of July weekend: a rabbit had been found outside, living under cars. The caller said the bunny looked in bad shape, and with the temperatures hitting the high 90s, the poor guy didn't stand much of a chance. He went to Animal 911, the emergency clinic, for an evaluation.
Another call came the next day: A neighbor of mine phoned to say that 2 other neighbors--Wendy DeCarlo-Young of the D.O.G. Obedience Group and her husband Sam Young--had seen a white rabbit running under the trash dumpsters. They were in hot pursuit, but needed some back-up help. Tom and I headed down the alley. Sam thought of luring the bunny out with some parsley and that did the trick: when the rabbit stopped to eat some, she was scooped up.
We could see she was supposed to be a white rabbit, but her time under the trash dumpsters had left sooty gray markings all over her. She has a very sweet and outgoing personality; we named her Scarlett because while she had a bad day [or two or three] outside, she believes--just like Scarlett O'Hara--that tomorrow will be another day.
Today, both Scarlett and Gatsby, the name we gave the first bunny who was found outside, are doing well and thrilled to be living inside like pet rabbits should. Now they're ready for some new homes.

Marcia Coburn

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