Saturday, February 27, 2010

(Rocky)Marciano gets a TKO

Marciano came to Red Door as an owner give up. His family could no longer care for him. Incredibly sweet and very laid-back, this rabbit was one of a kind - a big velvety, rare European breed called Perlfee.

It wasn't long before a beautiful female lop, Baxter, came to Red Door with her guardians, Liz and Felix. Baxter met a number of boy buns and finally settled on Marciano. Check out Felix's blog on Baxter's bunny speed dates:

Liz recently emailed this update:

"It took Marciano (aka Quincy) about a month or so to fully open-up. He now is a 100% begger. I have no idea where he learned this bad habbit, but when he's out he follows me around 24-7 waiting for either food to drop or for petting." You can see from the picture above that Quincy loves to beg!

Thank you to Liz and Felix(and Baxter, too!) for giving Marciano a loving, forever home.

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