Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boris = Natasha! Home At Last.

So the duck we rescued from the frozen pond turned out to be a girl, not a boy! And that's how Boris became Natasha. We're thrilled that our outstanding duck rescuers Heather and John agreed to take on Natasha as their own--including all the intensive treatment Natasha still needs for her frostbitten webbed feet.

However, as you can see by these photos, Natasha seems to be having a great time in her spiffy new pen, swimming in the bathtub, and sitting in her extra-softly-padded bed [got to pamper those poor feet!], checking out the computer as "Daddy" shows her some online photos of other Muscovy ducks.

By springtime, Natasha will be able to spend outside time with the ducks Heather and John have rescued. They all live in a fabulous, custom-built duck Disneyland, with predator-protected yards, houses, and swimming pools.

Natasha had a rough start, being abandoned outside in below freezing weather. But now it seems that her life is going swimmingly!

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