Thursday, June 10, 2010

Make That a Decade of Rescuing ALL Animals

Yes, we concentrate on rescuing, sheltering, and re-homing cats, dogs, and rabbits. But Red Door is the no-kill shelter for all animals needing help. Here are just a few of the other animals we've rescued during the past 10 years:
Sweet Pea & Lily, abandoned at the park, where they wouldn't have made it through the winter (big white ducks can't fly away);
Zsa Zsa, the tiny bantam chicken running down Ridge Avenue, dodging through cars;
Boris, who was left in a box--his injured wing needed some nursing;
Blanche, who was standing in a snow bank with frozen feet; and
Khaki and Cooper, two impulsive Easter buys who weren't wanted a few days later.
Everyone got care, food, shelter, and a new loving home where they could live as a companion animal.

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