Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Space to Roam

You might have read about Anka last February on the blog;she was rescued from living in a barn. Certainly, if you've visited Red Door in the past five months, you've noticed Anka. She was the big rabbit--all 12+ pounds--who was living in a pen in the office area. Even if we'd wanted to put her in a cage [which we didn't], she would never have fit.

We knew it would take a special person to fall in love with a big girl like Anka, someone who could appreciate the size and personality of a Flemish Giant--plus someone who had enough space for Anka to live a free-roaming life. We're happy to say that our wishes for Anka have been fulfilled. She was adopted last Saturday.

Above are photos of Anka in her new home. Finally, she says, a place big enough for my ears!

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