Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yipper Tipper!

Recent Red Door addition Tipper, whose genetic identity is a mystery to one and all, was adopted this week. Tipper's story is quite sad: she spent most of her life being loved by her companion, who lived in a nursing home. Tipper would sit on her owners lap for hours on end, and love to be held. Then suddenly her companion passed away, and Tipper was left homeless. She came to Red Door, and within a matter of days, was able to find a new home with a new companion who promises to love her just as much as her old one.

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Rambling Mom said...

I'm glad Tipper found a new forever home. My son and I were having a slight disagreement -- I think Tipper is pretty darn ugly - my son thinks she is quite adorable and wanted to adopt her but was very happy she has a forever home.