Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

Red Door took a call in December from a shelter in Colorado about a cat they claimed was chipped to us. As it turns out, it was a Red Door cat named Cassie. She had been adopted from Red Door in 2001. At some point her adopter had moved to Colorado, and eventually lost their house to foreclosure, and surrendered Cassie to the nearest shelter. Cassie had literally one day left to live at the traditional shelter where she would have been euthanized in order to make room. A woman in Colorado answered an ad to be a temporary foster home for Cassie, then with the help of volunteers and friends of Red Door, we were able to get Cassie transported back to sweet home Chicago. Come and visit this sweet girl and let her know how glad you are to have her back home!


WhiteStix said...

My goodness! What a story! I'm so glad Cassie was saved and is back in Chicago. Kudos to everyone involved in her transportation.

Lara Suvada said...

My hubby & I adopted Cassie, and we love her very much! Thank you for saving her for us. :)

Red Door Animal Shelter said...

Once a Red Door cat, always a Red Door cat! :)