Saturday, July 18, 2009

City of Catterly Love

Red Door took a call a couple of weeks ago from a traditional shelter in Philadelphia, PA about a cat of ours that was surrendered to them. After researching the microchip number, it was confirmed that the cat, Henrietta (renamed Kaya), indeed was adopted from Red Door in 2000. The original adopter surrendered her because they were moving (after they had already moved with her to Philly). Red Door sent out an urgent email to volunteers asking for help to bring Kaya back to Chicago. We only had a few days to work with before the admitting shelter would run out of space. As it turns out, a Red Door volunteer happened to be visiting with her parents in Philadelphia, and with the help of some neighbors who offered to foster Kaya, were able to pull her from the shelter.
The volunteers parents happened to fall in love with Kaya, and wanted to permanently adopt Kaya into their home. From all reports, Kaya is doing great in her new home in Philadelphia. The Red Door animals are lucky to have such great volunteers working for their welfare!

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