Saturday, October 10, 2009

Introducing Avery

This is Avery, one of Red Door's special needs animals. Avery is an active, adorable Dutch rabbit with an enlarged heart, so he gets drops twice a day. But aside from that, he's just a normal bunny, eager to be out and exploring, and always looking for a treat. He's lucky that it's apple season right now, and he's getting all of my pear peelings and apple cores!

I'm Heidi, and I'm fostering Avery right now to give him a break from the shelter. Even though Red Door's facilities, staff, and volunteers are great, it's a nice change for some of the rabbits who have been there for a while to get more individual attention and a quieter environment with no other animals around. I'll be posting some updates on him to help give a little look into the life of a foster bunny. Don't forget, Red Door also has cats and dogs, and even the occasional farm bird!

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