Monday, November 16, 2009

What Means "Chicken Running in the Courtyard?"

Red Door's former steward Meghan had this inexplicable desire to name a rescued chicken Tuketu. The Native American name means, "Bear running in the woods," and so how that exactly applied to a chicken we aren't sure. But no chicken got rescued before Meghan moved to Texas, so the name was never used.

Then someone captured this chicken running in the courtyard of their apartmant building. OK, it's not a bear and it wasn't running anywhere neat the woods. But nevertheless, in honor of Meghan's fervent yet unfulfilled wish, we named the rescued chicken Tuketu.

We're happy to report that Tuketu is moving to Madison, WI, where she will join a group of three other hens for some backyard clucking and egg-laying and living a life as a pampered pet. We hope Tuketu will be able to explain her exotic name to the other girls.

Thanks to Liz at Nutzy Mutz for her help in finding a home for Tuketu. This one is for you, Meghan.

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