Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miss Pickles Finds Love

Valentine's Day came early for Miss Pickles. And not a moment too soon! For years, she lived outside in a hutch with little interaction with people and all too much exposure to the elements. Then Red Door volunteer Jill was able to rescue her. But even at Jill's house, Miss Pickles was very prickley! She didn't want love, she didn't even want anyone to look at her. Go away! was her constant state of mind.

Another Red Door volunteer, Pellet, took Miss Pickles home and spend time with her, sitting in her space with her, even though Miss Pickles made it clear that Pellet was not welcome. But slowly she began to come around.

Then she came back to the shelter and within two weeks, she met her dream family. They loved her and Miss Pickles loves them back. It's a real happy ending for a very deserving bunny.

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