Saturday, February 11, 2012

We've got our love to keep us warm!

As Valentine's Day approaches, we thought we'd take the time to share the story of one of Red Door's most devoted couples, Alice and Jasper.

This Californian brother and sister pair are often shy with people, but are absolutely devoted to each other.  They were rescued together, when one of them fell down a basement window well and the other refused to leave their side.  While they look very much alike, they have very distinct personalities.
Alice is definitely "large and in charge", and is likely to be the first to investigate new places or people.    Jasper is a bit of a doofy boy, who loves his food but definitely loves his sister.  Alice is also slightly larger, and her markings are slightly lighter and more grey than her brother's.  Like all siblings, they squabble and fuss sometimes, especially at mealtimes - we all know that the kale is always greener in the other bunny's mouth!  But at the end of the day, it's clearly a case of "you and me against the world".

Californians get their lovely white color and size from their New Zealand White ancestors, their deep soft coats from a dash of Chinchilla rabbit, and their colored "points" from their Himalayan cousins.  This color pattern, called acromelanism, is also found in Siamese and Himalayan cats.  These markings change over time in response to temperature conditions.

In one of their recent foster homes, Jasper and Alice spent most of their time in the kitchen, which was the warmest room of the house.  The color change from day to day was very subtle, but it was not until they went through their next shed that the dramatic color change was visible.

A few short weeks later, POOF!

Alice and Jasper are currently in a foster home, where their mom says that they have returned to their former dark-eared state. 

Won't you consider giving this devoted pair a forever home, and their own Hoppily Ever After?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pair. Happy home soon.

Anonymous said...

Me again....emme forgot to say

Upfi said...

What a great story! They look lovely. Pity I live on another continent! Upfi

laurlyne said...

What a beautiful pair! There is something amazing about bunnies in pairs, us humans could take a lesson in the way bunnies care about each other..

wendyzski said...

I had the privilege of fostering these two for a month, and loved watching them interact. Like any siblings they would squabble (especially at mealtimes) and they would spend time apart during the day, but always ended up snuggled up together. It's definitely a case of "You and me against the world" with these two.

magadociousrex said...

If my female dog did not have an insanely high prey drive, i'd so adopt them. I remember Wendy lady's stories about how fun they were !