Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucy & Desi Do Glamorous Fashion Shoot

Lucy and Desi snuggle during their break

We are all about romance! And some great fashion thrown in doesn't hurt, either. So Red Door was happy when Glossed & Found asked us to bring a rabbit to their bridal fashion photography session at The Savoy Flea, a vintage curiosity shop located in Chicago's West Town neighborhood.

We did them one better - we brought madly-in-love rabbit couple Lucy and Desi (hint: Lucy is the stunning redhead above) to the shoot. The two bunnies, who were under the strict watch of rabbit-experienced chaperones the whole time, had a great time. And so did all the G&F people, too.

The gowns were stunning, but we think the rabbits were the most gorgeous ones on the set.

Graham Kostic, creative & editorial director of Glossed & Found, offered the rabbits a Red Door credit line. "And we will also support Red Door's "Respect the Rabbit" campaign via our social media channels, plus we will do a dedicated video interview about the "Respect the Rabbit" project."
Graham Kostic and stylist Helen Burken pose with Lucy.

Thanks, Graham! (He had pet rabbits as a child, so the subject is near and dear to his heart.)

Check the final results at the Glossed & Gowned issue and watch the Fashion Film.

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