Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peek-a-Boo I see you!

One day a woman dropped a cat off at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners, saying she had found the cat but couldn't care for it. The cat was scared and very shy, but otherwise seemed healthy. Fortunately, a Red Door board member was there at the time, so the cat--now named Peekaboo because of she was hiding under a towel in a box--came to the shelter.
A little wary on her first day at the shelter

Peekaboo was adopted and here is our Friday Feel Good story, told by her adopter Erin:

A few months prior to adopting Peekaboo, I had lost my orange tabby to complications from emergency surgery.  I thought I would not be able to have another pet for quite sometime.  Then I found Red Door.
A friend of a friend had recommended the shelter; she donates each year with her family and had recently adopted a kitten.  She spoke highly of the staff and the organization in general.  I had done some research online as well and was impressed with Red Door mission statement and website. 

I visited the website and read nearly every profile for the adoptable cats.  I made mental notes of the cats that seemed easy going and friendly but noticed that I kept returning the Peekaboo’s profile because of her big green eyes and tabby face.  A couple weeks later, I submitted my application thinking I would just visit—I wasn’t 100% sure I would adopt, but wanted to see if I could connect with any of the cats.  

When my sister and I visited, the staff was very friendly. We met several cats (and bunnies).  I didn’t see Peekaboo, so I asked if she was available to meet.  As I said her name, she came walking out from one of the back rooms and jumped up onto her perch above some of the rabbit pens.  She laid down in what I can only assume was “her spot” in a little cat bed right next to where my sister and I happened to be standing. 

Her favorite spot at the shelter
She was very sweet, though shy, and let us pet her.  Despite my best efforts of restraint, I had made a new friend and knew I had to take her home.  She was shy at the shelter, but affectionate when both my sister and I petted her. I knew with a little bit of patience and care she would make the adjustment to living in my home. 

Now she is doing very well. She is becoming more confident and has even begun greeting me at the door. She's still unsure when guests visit, but she no longer runs to her hiding spot. Her favorite place is on a blanket on the couch or on the window sill. She's a great girl with a loud motor--she also continues to chirp and trill, especially when it's time for her wet food or if she's being particularly playful.
Relaxing in her new home
Thank you again for allowing me to adopt such a great cat.

Thank you! We love a happy ending.  
This message was Peek-a-Boo approved!

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