Saturday, August 06, 2005

More birds flock to Red Door

As we prepare to transfer Madeline the chicken to a new home, here comes another bird!

A woman from a cat rescue we work with contacted us a few days ago. While vacationing in the country nearby, she saw some people drive up and dump a baby duck beside a pond. The poor duck ran peeping after the car until he became too exhausted and could not run anymore...and that's where we come in. We're probably going to call him Peep, though name suggestions are welcome! We're waiting for Peep to come to the shelter, and then we will transfer him quickly to a home--we have several good possibilities from having placed Ping earlier this summer.

Tony, one of our staff members, joked this morning that the rabbits had better watch out with so many birds coming our way. Let's hope a little bird doesn't spread the word about Red Door's latest "projects" or we may have to start buying grain in bulk!

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