Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Spa-Di-Da Day + Red Door's Chicken Comes to Roost

They say the third time is a charm and that was certainly the case for Red Door's third Spa-Di-Da Day on July 30. It was our most successful Spa event yet! Many Red Door alumni came back for nail trimmings, grooming and glamour portraits: Honey & Charley, Buddy & Morgan, Bugs & Bubbles, Dave, Spike, Lexi, MonneyPenny (formerly Suki) and Diego, Sachi, Lucius (formerly Bob), and Carson [rabbits], plus Mynah, Nadia, and Puella [cats]. Plus Jasmine, our first guinea pig, came for grooming, too.

Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help: Emilie Johnson, Gina, Mike Maitlo, Toni Greetis, Matthew Alschuler, Liz Rench, Theresa Zingery and Cheryl well as board members Fran Kras, Rachel Lang & Marcia Coburn.

Good thing so many hands were on deck because the shelter kept receiving phone calls about a rooster running around East Rogers Park. Mike and Cheryl left to investigate and returned with a black and white chicken--proving themselves to be chicken wranglers extraordinaire. Dr. Susan Horton, of Chicago Exotics, waited to treat the chicken--who looked pretty droopy and skinny--even though her practice had closed for the day.

She informed us that it was a laying hen, not a rooster, who was very dehydrated. The chicken, named Madeleine, was also running a fever, so she was put on Baytril, an antiobiotic. We were told to turn a fan on her and start feeding her Pedialite. By the end of the day, Madeleine was looking a little better althought she was far from ready for a glamour portrait herself.

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