Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Room With A View -- Angelina Moves to a Foster Home

If you've been to Red Door in the past several years, you might have seen Angelina--that is, if you went into the small staff room in the back. Angelina lived there because she was terrified of the other cats at the shelter. She was dumped at Red Door, the victim of abuse, and then--while living in the main cat room--another cat attacked her. She sustained severe eye injuries which, over time, healed. Since then, she has lived in the staff room, which isn't much bigger than a large closet. But she felt safe there and there was room for one or two people to visit her. --- Now we're happy to report that Angelina has moved into a foster home, where she has her own room with a view into the backyard. And two loving foster parents who are giving her all the attention she deserves.

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margaret said...

Hooray! It's so cool to see Angelina in a real home instead of her little space at Red Door.