Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Watseka Rabbits--Red Door Returns to SSHS

Last Sunday, Red Door returned to South Suburban Humane to help care for the remaining 41 rabbits. It was fun to see some of the bunny gang we've gotten to know over the past month. We broke down now empty cages, disinfected them, and cleaned up the still occupied ones.

The seizure of the rabbits was declared invalid because SSHS humane investigators did not give proper notification to Paul Craft prior to confiscating the rabbits. As a result, Craft was allowed to take back all rabbits except those who had been sick at the time of the seizure. On March 30, he reclaimed approximately 120 rabbits. While he is only allowed to personally keep 50 rabbits--under decree of the Department of Agriculture--he can give the other rabbits to friends or other breeders. He has until the end of March to either take back the remaining 41 rabbits or to relinquish custody of them.

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