Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bunny Bonding: Red Door Rabbit Update

Chip--the handsome fawn-colored lop, is a Red Door alum. He has a great mom--and for awhile, he was bonded with Lenny, an older Dutch who had been abandoned. When Lenny passed on, Chip settled back into his single bunny ways--as illustrated by the photo showing him passing time on a nearby bookshelf.

But then along came Bradley, a brown and white mini lop. Bradley's family couldn't take care of him any more, so he came to Red Door. He's very sweet--unlike most rabbits, Bradley loves to be held--but he has some major teeth issues. Right now, Bradley needs all his salad lettuce and parsley torn into small pieces. He also inhales bowls of Critical Care, the wonderful chopped-up hay product made by Oxbow Pet Products.

Chip's mom just couldn't leave Bradley at the shelter, so she took him to foster. And Bradley made a new friend. Chip likes him so much, he's willing to share his salad with him!

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Mymsie said...

Chip is definitely a Disapproving Rabbit in that second pic! :)