Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rabbit Rescue--Life's Not a Day at the Beach for the Foster Avenue Bunnies

At first it was one email, and then--less than 24 hours later--Red Door was hearing from everyone about two rabbits abandoned at Foster Avenue Beach in Chicago. Emails, phone calls, an alderman's office--everyone wanted the two extra fluffy rabbits rescued.

So we sprang into action. Round one--the morning: board member Steve Williams--recovering from knee surgery, no less!--went to the garden near the Foster Avenue field house and captured the brown bunny. We named him Foster, for obvious reasons.

Round two--in the afternoon: board members Emilie Johnson and Marcia Coburn went back to the park for the tan bunny. He did not want to be captured at all and he was quite adept at running under bushes, around tall dried grasses, under fences, and out of people's grasp. Finally, a homeless gentleman joined the rescue effort and the last rabbit was captured. The name of the guy who helped: Jimmy. And so that became the tan rabbit's name.

Underneath all their fur, Foster and Jimmy were very skinny, and Foster had a few bite marks on his skin [Hey, knock it off, Jimmy] and a scratched cornea. Now they are both doing well, Foster's scratch has healed, and they're ready for new homes [both boys would be happier going to separate new digs].

Thanks to everyone who let us know about the plight of these rabbits--they wouldn't have lasted long outside. And a special thank you to those who donated some money towards the care of Foster and Jimmy.

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