Friday, March 06, 2009

Returning a Lost Dog to its Home: Priceless!

If you read the posting "Dog Rescued from Uncertain Fate," then you know about Laney, the white dog who was running around in a snowstorm. Red Door volunteers Kristin and Mike worked hard to catch Laney--as we called her. Her back legs were bleeding from some injury--possibly a brush with a car!--and she needed immediate medical attention.

Today, Laney returned to her owners. It seems she had escaped from the back porch and then had some kind of accident. Her real name is Linda, which is amazingly close to the name we'd chosen for her. Linda/Laney was thrilled to be reunited with her family, who have promised to keep a closer eye on her from now on.

Thanks to Kristin, who first spotted her running around; Mike; Matt; Animal 911 & Dr. Gallegos; Chicago Exotics & Dr. Horton; Katie and Benji, who took turns fostering Linda/Laney during her time with Red Door.

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