Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help Red Door Spread the Word About Easter Rabbits!

Each year around this time hundreds of rabbits are purchased from pet stores and other places to be given out as Easter presents. After a few weeks the novelty of the "present" wears off and people quickly realize how much care is involved. The rabbits then become unwanted, and shelters like Red Door are inundated with phone calls from people looking to place the rabbits. In even more extreme cases people think the domestic rabbits can survive outside so they're let go. Help Red Door spread the word that rabbits require as much love and attention as any other pet! Come by the shelter and pick up flyers like this one and distribute them around your community.

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Ginger said...

Hi guys!

I got my rabbit from you a few months back, but I've been a bunny mom for nine years now. Thanks for the post, and for the great work you do. I posted a similar post at my blog yesterday:
It's so important to get the word out!