Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Love Letters

Dear Staff and Volunteers at Red Door:

It is hard to believe that it is now almost 4 1/2 years since I adopted "Jezebel" from the Red Door Shelter. I am very happy to report that "Jezzie" (as I call her) continues to be a happy and healthy feline and the joy of my life. She has achieved some remarkable milestones in the last year:

1. She now lets me brush her and pet her anywhere in my apartment, instead of just on her "safe" living room chair.

2. She purrs loudly whenever I pet her or brush her.

3. She jumps on my lap now, and likes me to brush her and pet her while sitting in my lap.

4. In the last few months she finally got comfortable enough to sleep on my lap! She even grooms herself on my lap! I will peek over my book to see her leg poised in the air as she licks herself. She no longer "minds" if I watch her take a bath. (Previously, if she caught me "watching" her she would immediately stop grooming.) I must say that there is nothing cuter than the sight of a cat washing her face!

5. Her most recent milestone occurred just two days ago: she stayed with me in bed and settled down right next to me, purring continuously. She stayed with me all night!!!! This is a major milestone!!!!! Before this momentous occurance, if I so much as moved while she was sitting in my lap she would run away. This time she stayed with me! Hooray!!!

I have had a cat in my life since I was two years old, but I still think Jezzie is the prettiest cat I've ever had. She has retained her sleek appearance and I sometimes imagine I see some "Oriental" genes in her face and physique, somewhat reminiscent of a Siamese or Burmese.

I pretty much had to teach Jezzie how to "play", but although her favorite toys are crumbled paper and dangling shoe strings, I will often hear her "galloping" through my apartment like a maniac. It is extremely cute! She also loves heights, and enjoys jumping on top of bookshelves and the refrigerator. I invite her to "follow" me into the basement to "help" me with my laundry, but although she has been down there with me on a few occasions, generally she seems to prefer to stay in her own "safe" apartment.

I can watch Jezzie for hours and be entertained and delighted, for I find cats endlessly fascinating. I have provided Jezzie with a loving home and a secure environment, but I got the better deal! Jezzie brought me joy, love, companionship and continuous entertainment. I love her dearly!

I will always be grateful to Red Door for the "gift" of Jezzie. Keep up your good work and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anita (proud companion of "Jezebel".)

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