Friday, April 24, 2009

Hooray for Savannah!!

After a year at Red Door, a failed relationship and a few foster homes, Savannah the dwarf is finally bonded and adopted! She met her new husbun, aptly named Bun, last Sunday. Thursday morning I received this message:

"I am very pleased to report that Savannah and Bun are officially
bonded! Things changed this afternoon when they cuddled and
groomed each other! Bun even let Savannah have her way with him.
Her Humpalump (Savvy's stuffed guinea pig toy) seemed to bring
them together. It started with Bun grooming Humpalump, and then
Savannah. Thank you for everything! Both bunnies seem
very happy."

Thank you to all the volunteers who help turn Savvy from a sassy dwarf (is that redundant?) into a sweet princess.


Ginger said...

Yay! I hope Viola can be so lucky;)

gatsbygirl said...

I'm so excited for little Sav! I can't believe Humpalump played such a big part in their bonding! I want to write IKEA a letter and tell them how their $3.99 stuffed guinea pig played a big role in a love connection!