Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raffle Winners!

Here are our 2009 Spring-to-Life Raffle Winners!

Grand Prize: Marlene Baer
First Prize: Dawn Anastasiou, winning ticket sold by Janet Briner
Second Prize: Neelam Lakhani, winning ticket sold by Caeley Harihara
Third Prize: Amy Schreiner
Fourth Prize: Charlie Propsom, winning ticket sold by Karen Wechsler

Top ticket seller: Mary Rodovich, who sold 760 tickets! Other top sellers include Lisa Day, Gia Gallegos, Cathy Cifonelli, Michael Janecek, Josie Perez, Beverly Sosa,Joy Schochet, Janet Briner, Ted Dorion, Ruth Bruch, Liz Biddick, Donald Kaminski, Joanne Ellis,Diane Markgraf, Beth Stern, Michael Figeroa, Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, and H. Garvin.

And top donors to the Spring-to-Life rescue are Tara & Chris Carmichael, and Dolly Tong.

Thanks to everyone who helped the animals!

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