Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Rags to Riches

Annie the dog came to us early April. Her owner showed up with her at the door saying that his family was moving and couldn't take her with. When the staff person turned her back for a moment, the man let Annie go and ran out the door. She was dirty, matted, and very thin. By our best estimates, she was probably left outside a lot, and definitely neglected. Needing to come up with a name, the staff temporarily named her "Ragstock". She was moved into a foster home, who got her cleaned up, groomed, and started on a good diet. Annie became a totally new dog, hardly recognizable from the scruffy pup who first showed up on our doorstep.

After a couple of months of not getting many looks, Annie finally met her match this past weekend and went to her new forever home who is sure to be her new Daddy Warbucks.

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Denver Apartment said...

WOW! so cute pet what it's name? really like that