Monday, June 20, 2011

In Memory of Chex

Chex was a senior bunny when he came to us. He hadn't had the best care--a long-ignored ear infection had given him a crooked face. To us, he looked like he was smiling at something, and maybe he was.

He was happy from the first night he arrived, flopping in joy and loving the attention. He was affectionate and easygoing, but he really blossomed when volunteers Elise and Ben took him home.

Chex would sit on the sofa with them, cuddling and watching TV. He became friends with their cats and guinea pigs. He had finally found a real home.

Chex passed away knowing he was loved and appreciated, and he is greatly missed.


literarybuns said...

Bless Elise and Ben for giving Chex a loving place to call home and Red Door for giving him the care he deserves. Senior bunnies are so precious.

Elise said...

Thank you for writing about Chex. I miss him so much...more and more every day. He was such an amazing bunny and I'm so lucky to have had him in my life.

Anonymous said...

John and I are so sad to hear about Chex, but are so happy his last days were happy and joyful. Thank you for taking such good care of him Elise and Ben. I know he is having fun in Heaven with the other bunny angels.

wendyzski said...

Oh I remember Chex! I loved his squooshy-face. I'm glad that Elise and Ben were able to give him a happy home for the last of his days

Laura said...

What a sweet bun! I'm glad Chex was able to spend his senior years in a good and loving home. My Smitty is there to greet him!
Best to Ben and Elise!

Andrew said...

Elise I was really sorry to hear about Chex. The few times I met him at the shelter I could tell how special of a bunny he was and how much you loved him. I'm glad to have known him and that he had the chance to be taken care of by two people who loved him.